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The Recruitment & Selection of the best HR professional and HR manager requires craftsmanship. Employment Services has built up this craftsmanship over 44 years. This means that Employment Services as a Recruitment & Selection agency has the knowledge, experience and network to successfully fill both interim and permanent HR vacancies. 

If you have a job vacancy and you are looking for an HR manager or HR professional, please contact Employment Services. Employment Services has been a specialist in the field of Recruitment & Selection and executive search in the HR field since 1976 and has a wealth of experience in the Recruitment & Selection of HR managers and HR professionals. 

What should you focus on when recruiting an HR manager or HR professional?
The most important thing for the Recruitment & Selection of an HR manager or HR professional is to get a clear picture of the HR expertise and/or the specific HR experience you need for your company or organisation. Your wishes and needs are key. Do you need HR knowledge in the field of e-HRM, HR administration, recruitment, change or HR strategy? Every HR professional has their own specialism and therefore it is very relevant to keep an eye on the HR needs. 

Why choose Employment Services for the Recruitment & Selection of an HR manager or HR professional?
The feedback we receive from our clients is that Employment Services consultants know how to make a good match between the HR job vacancy and the candidate on the basis of the required specific knowledge. At the same time, Employment Services also matches personality. Does the HR professional fit the culture of the organisation where the HR job vacancy is posted in terms of personality? Employment Services is specialised in this field. At Employment Services, the Recruitment & Selection process for a specific job vacancy is always conducted by two consultants. This distinguishes Employment Services from other agencies and the great advantage of this is that knowledge is shared in the best possible way and the search power is much stronger. 

How does Employment Services handle a Recruitment & Selection process?
The process always starts with extensive fact finding. As a result of its many years of experience, Employment Services chooses to market vacancies with a proactive approach by combining network search, file search and executive search ('headhunting'). HR candidates are approached personally and with enthusiasm. The consultants of Employment Services are aware that they act as the advanced business card of our clients in the search. The consultants approach the candidates carefully and appropriately. Employment Services knows from experience how to strike the right note with candidates by converting the extensive fact finding into relevant information for candidates. As a result, candidates experience Employment Services as a reliable partner who actually shows that they know the client and the HR job vacancy. 

When can Employment Services feel satisfied?
Of course, Employment Services is only satisfied when our client is satisfied with the result. The result in this case is the best HR manager or HR professional who fills the HR job vacancy and is still working in the HR position after one year. We also want our clients to feel satisfied with how Employment Services conducted the process. This involves speed, communication and coordination. After each Recruitment & Selection process there is an evaluation and the goal of Employment Services is to score at least 8 out of 10 for the result and the process.

What are the costs for the Recruitment & Selection of an HR manager or HR professional?
The costs for the Recruitment & Selection and Executive Search services are always agreed in advance. Employment Services communicates about this transparently and clearly. As a rule, the fee is based on a percentage of the candidate's gross fixed annual salary. For interim HR managers and HR professionals, Employment Services applies a surcharge on the hourly rate of the interim manager. The amount of the fee is determined by the complexity of the job vacancy and the number of vacancies that the client has engaged Employment Services to fill. 

If you would like more information about the Recruitment & Selection of an HR manager or HR professional, please do not hesitate to contact our consultants.


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