Employment Services is also your partner for coaching, talent development, personal coaching, career coaching, out-counselling, job application training and job application coaching.

Employment Services not only wants to be your business partner in the search for suitable talent, but we also want to be your partner in keeping your valuable human capital interested and committed. Valuable employees need to develop and receive time for personal growth. Of course, this also means that sometimes you have to say goodbye to other employees. With our coaching services, we help you to develop your staff and discover their talents. This will allow your organisation to continue to grow.

Mariska Werlich is our experienced coach
Within Employment Services, Mariska Werlich is responsible for all coaching-related services. Mariska has been a professional coach for almost 20 years and has been associated with Employment Services as a coach for almost 9 years. With her energy, enthusiasm and direct communication Mariska helps her clients develop themselves and realize personal goals.
Our coach Mariska not only provides coaching in and around Utrecht and Amsterdam, but travels beyond the Randstad conurbation.

Different forms of coaching
The various forms of coaching offered by Employment Services focus on the individual. This may involve coaching directors, managers and employees. The coaching forms are talent development, personal coaching, career coaching, out-counselling, job application training and job application coaching, and always focus on individual needs.

Talent development
Talent development is an individual learning pathway, intended to further develop or adjust business or personal skills and qualities. On the basis of the wishes and needs of an employee or manager, an individual coaching and training programme is developed. In a number of interviews, the employee is actively coached in improving and developing their talents and skills by role plays and practical examples.

Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching makes work-related problems transparent by asking questions that stimulate self-examination and by giving person-oriented feedback. By using tests, role plays, practical examples and various interviewing techniques, we look for new insights, solutions and points for improvement in the business-oriented functioning of your employee.

Career coaching and Out-counselling
Employment Services helps your employee determine the right course for their career and assists in defining an efficient career strategy. In a number of interviews, we take stock of the strengths, capacities, development points, professional wishes and goals and link these to real opportunities on the labour market. With over 40 years of experience in the field of recruitment and selection, Employment Services has a thorough knowledge of the labour market and has a broad network of contacts in business and the public sector. It goes without saying that this network is actively deployed in our out-counselling and career advice programmes. After taking stock of and mapping out the employee's potential and determining their labour market strategy (including CV check and preparation of application letters), they are actively guided during the first steps on the labour market. 

Application training and application coaching 
Employment Services assists current or prospective applicants in the proper preparation for a job interview. In a number of sessions, Mariska thoroughly prepares the job interview – if desired by means of a role play – and advises on the CV and presentation. During the job interview coaching, attention is paid to refuting objections. Mariska also teaches the coachees to present themselves professionally and to the point. Our goal is for coachees to be well prepared and more self-confident in their job interview. Experience shows that the chance of success is much greater through job application training and job application coaching.

What are the costs for coaching? 
The costs for the above coaching services depend on the issue and the problem. The price is always tailor-made and is calculated on the basis of the number of sessions and corresponding hourly rate. 

How does Employment Services start a coaching programme?
Before starting a coaching programme, there is an introductory meeting with the client and a fact finding interview. During this fact finding stage, our coach Mariska Werlich explains the process and how much time the programme will take. After this fact finding stage, the client decides if they want to begin the programme with Mariska and from that moment on costs will be charged.

If you would like more information about coaching services of Employment Services, please do not hesitate to contact our coach Mariska Werlich.


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