With a tight-knit group of specialised and experienced consultants, Employment Services has been the partner on the labour market for clients and candidates for over 40 years.

Work is one of the most basic of human needs. Employment Services is fully aware of this and the consultants are therefore fully committed to finding the most suitable candidate on the labour market for the client in a personal way, whilst also helping the candidate to make an even better career move.

By proactively seeking solutions with both client and candidate, empathizing with them, and examining together with them the opportunities on the labour market, we may even exceed expectations and offer added value on the basis of solid expertise.

Employment Services is the partner on the labour market that is actually interested in the person behind the client and in the person behind the candidate's CV. 

The core values of Employment Services are: Authenticity, Personal Service, Reliability, and Expertise. Employment Services consultants use these core values on a daily basis to ensure the best match possible between clients and candidates.

Employment Services

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